Sterilight Steri-Room

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The Sterilight table lamp sterilises an entire room with a combination of Ultra-violet light in the 254nm wavelength, and Ozone. It kills or inactivates germs, mites, parasite and viruses, including COVID-19.



The powerful Steri-Room lamp:

  • Has a remote control to operate outside the room - Sterilises an enclosed space with light and ozone - up to 25 sqm of coverage
  • Shared workspaces or offices cleaned overnight - Ideal for BnB or hotel rooms promoting hygiene
  • 3 different time settings - Modern design element

Simply plug in and sterilize for 30 minutes, allowing the ozone (which gets into creases and crevices) to permeate the room. Then turn off the room and open windows, allowing 30 minutes for the Ozone to clear.  

The remote control allows for 3 different time settings and can be used from outside the room. It's important to operate the table lamp remotely, because UVC light is harmful to the skin and eyes and must be avoided. Ozone (O3) is an irritant to the nasal passages and should be allowed to dissipate to water (H2O) before entering the room.

How UVC germicidal lamps kill COVID-19

According to the IES Photobiology Committee Report (2020), UVC light is effective in inactivating SARS-CoV-2, the cause of COVID-19. UVC light warps the structure of the virus's genetic material, preventing the viral particles from making copies of themselves, stopping them dead in their tracks.

Technical notes and cautions:

  • UVC sterilising lamps like this one boast a 99.9% sterilisation rate. Although studies on UVC light and COVID-19 are still underway, UVC light has been proven to kill similar coronaviruses, including SARS.
  • Please note that UVC light is harmful to people and pets. Do not expose your skin or eyes to the lamps, as they can cause short-term damage. This is not a toy, and should be kept away from children.
  • For more information, download our free safety guide, which includes a section on cleaning up in the event of a bulb breaking.


  • Colours: White
  • Plug Type: 2-prong EU type
  • Rated Power: 36W
  • Room Size: Up to 25 SQM
  • Wavelength: 254nm + 180nm
  • Warranty: 6 months

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