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To extend the lifespan of a leather bag, it is important to maintain it properly. For this purpose, The Chesterfield Brand Leather Wax is an excellent product. This is a cleaning and conditioning agent in one. This product can be used for all items in our range, but it is particularly suitable for products made of Wax Pull Up and Washed Waxed leather. We recommend to use this product 4 times a year to keep the leather bag in perfect condition for as long as possible. If the bag has been exposed to a rain shower and has become slightly dry as a result, it can certainly be used more frequently. By applying a small amount of wax to a dry cloth or fabric glove and gently rubbing it into the bag, you will see an immediate difference. Let it sit for a minute, and stains, scratches, or dry patches of leather will disappear. Our leather wax is colorless and suitable for all leather colors.

  • Has cleaning and maintenance agent in one (so no separate products).
  • An effective leather cleaner and has a nourishing and protective effect.
  • Self-gloss and makes brushing or polishing unnecessary
  • Colorless and therefore suitable for all leather colors
  • Has a drying time of one minute, does not stick
  • Keep the leather looking beautiful for longer
  • Stains are easy to clean!
  • Optimum protection against stains based on oil, water and grease.
  • Protects your investment

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