Bric's Life Business Tablet Large Laptop Briefcase | Olive

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The LIFE collection offers a classic, comprehensive assortment that looks good and travels even better; handcrafted using a PVC base coated in cotton and viscose flock, giving it a unique suede-like finish that is durable and easy to clean, further enhanced by full-grain Tuscan leather details. -- The Business Laptop Tablet Briefcase Large is made with a divided interior and a large exterior pocket allowing you to easily organize all your business and/or personal necessities. Includes an adjustable, detachable shoulder strap and a zippered slider along the backside to slide over your luggage handle or use as an extra pocket.

  • Designed with a double-zip closure exterior, a large exterior pocket, a divided organizational interior with a padded sleeve for Laptop & Tablet and zippered pocket, and includes a Removable Shoulder Strap and Hanging Luggage Tag.
  • Details/trim are made of full-grain, bovine, vegetable-tanned, drum-dyed Tuscan leather.
  • Includes a zippered, handle slide feature that can double as an exterior pocket..
  • 11.5x3.5x15

Divided Interior with Laptop|Tablet Sleeve

With a double-zip exterior and several pockets for all your business necessities, including a laptop, tablet sleeve this provides optimal organization of all your contents!

Enlarged Exterior Pocket

Enlarged exterior pocket allows convenient access and added organization | Can be secured with provided lock.

Handle Slide Sleeve

Handle slide sleeve allows you to conveniently rest and secure the bag over your trolley, freeing your hands and allowing ease of overall movement

Divided Exterior

Exterior is divided into 2 zippered compartments for optimal organization and ease of access.

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