At iBags we believe in customer service. That’s why we’re the ONLY luggage retailer to offer a NO HASSLE, 1 X FREE “AIRLINE DAMAGE” REPAIR WARRANTY on all our LUGGAGE, BUSINESS BAGS, BACKPACKS AND DUFFLE BAGS

If the Bags & Luggage that you purchased from iBags is ever broken or damaged, Even by an airline, we will repair free of charge – Simple as that!

Here is How the Warranty Works

The item must be purchased from If your Bag gets Damaged, Even by an Airline you can send or bring your bag to us along with your proof of purchase from iBags, and we will repair it ONCE Free of Charge! 

Our iBags Warranty will cover the repair of all functional aspects of the bag that you purchased from us “ONCE” for 1 Year from the date of purchase. No Charge, nada…

 In a Nutshell: 1 Free Repair Valid for 1 Year from the date you purchased the bag

We do not cover the cost of shipping the item to us or shipping it back to you once it has been repaired.

Our warranty does not cover cosmetic wear or cleaning, nor does it cover the replacement of lost or stolen bags and/or its contents. If your bag or its contents are damaged by an airline and you wish to hold them responsible, we suggest that you file a claim with the carrier before leaving the airport. If you choose not to do this and instead wish for us to repair your bag, we will be happy to do so at no charge.

Due to the nature of certain types of repairs and normal wear and tear, it is not always possible to return your bag to its original condition.

If a Bag is deemed “IRREPARABLE”, we will OFFER YOU A REPLACEMENT at a heavily discounted price. If a replacement is not available, we will offer you a similar product at the discounted rate.



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