We here at iBags are dedicated to offering you the widest range of luggage and travel goods from all over the world. In order for us to do this we have created and maintained relationships with the manufacturers and suppliers of the biggest and most prestigious brands in bags, luggage and travel accessories. Because of these relationships it is possible to offer you the rarest as well as the most famous brands like Samsonite, Thule, Jekyll and Hide, BRIC’S, Hedgren and many more.

But there some important elements about shopping online with us that we need you to know so that we can help make your online shopping as convenient as possible. Here are the main points:

Stock availability:

iBags is an online luggage and travel goods store which means we provide you with all the benefits of a brick and mortar store with many more added advantages. Our physical store is called Wolmans and this is where we keep a lot of the products we offer online. We also have store rooms to store the other products we offer. But even these store rooms aren’t big enough to fit all the products we offer on our website so in order for us to keep offering you a diversity of luggage we keep a lot of the products you see online by our suppliers. This is advantageous for many reasons but the main reason is that it reduces storage costs on our side which in turn enables us to keep the prices low on your side! Cool huh?

Another thing about stock availability is that because we have so many products we have that many products to keep track with. Managing stock is fairly easy but our dear suppliers have to deal with other clients other than us so this makes it hard for them to give totally accurate accounts of their stock on hand. When they hand us their stock lists we adjust our stock accordingly but do note that the stock lists they send on any day may not be the same on the next day as puchases are always being made. We do our best to keep as updated as possible so do bear with us if and when you make an order and we find out that our stock reserve has been recently depleted. We know it is an inconvenience but we try our best to avoid these.

It’s safer to find out from us first before you order if you want to be sure.

Lead time:

iBags has an order fulfilment lead time of 3-5 working days unless stated otherwise. This means we require at least 3-5 weekdays to get your order to you. We believe this is reasonable as we know of other online shops that take a lot longer. Lead time will be determined by how close you are and how available stock is. At times we have to bring in stock from as far as Cape Town. In order to get your orders to you as quickly as possible at times we use our suppliers to deliver to our clients depending on how close they are to them. We also use fast couriers like Fedex for order delivery. If you’re a local we then use our in-store driver. If any rare complications occur we will inform you right away.

International orders:

iBags now serves international clients as well. Because of our wide range of products we also have a strong appeal to our international clientele. We’ve integrated PayPal into our system and this is the payment option we offer to our international customers as well as to our local clientele. PayPal is both very safe and convenient all you have to do is select PayPal as a payment option and we will then send you a PayPal request which will then link you to the payment gateway.

We ship international orders using EMS and the order fulfilment lead time

Bulk orders:

We also call these corporate orders. These are targeted at our corporate clients and resellers. Bulk orders qualify for a special discount off the recommend retail price of any product. The bigger the purchase the bigger the discount. Simply request a quote via email and we will get back to you as soon as possible with a quote. Most of the times we produce quotes really fast so you don’t have to wait for days.

We hope this information was valuable to you and we hope that it has answered many of the questions that you might have had. For more information on these things please visit our blog and read the guide to shopping online with iBags.


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